GB 13693-2005

Standard Number: GB 13693-2005

English Name: Portland cement for road
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the way the terms and definitions of Portland cement, material requirements, intensity level, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, labeling, transportation and storage. This standard applies to the roads and on the abrasion resistance, shrinkage and other high performance requirements of other projects with the road portland cement.

GB 13590-2006

Standard Number: GB 13590-2006

English Name: Portland steel slag cement
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the definition of slag Portland cement with code, material requirements, intensity level, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, marking, packaging, transport and storage.

GB / T 27411-2012

Standard Number: GB / T 27411-2012

English name: Routine methods for evaluation and expression of measurement uncertainty in testing laboratory
Standard profile:
This standard specifies the measurement uncertainty of the four evaluation method.
This standard applies to the testing laboratory measurement uncertainty

GB 1796.6-2008

Standard Number: GB 1796.6-2008

English name: Tyre valves – Part 6: Cores
Standard profile:
GB 1796 The provisions of this part of the tire valve core terms and definitions, models and marks, structure type, parts and materials, threads, sealing, appearance, other properties, test methods, inspection rules and labeling, packaging and storage.
This section applies to passenger cars, trucks, industrial vehicles, construction machinery, tractors, agricultural and forestry machinery, motorcycles, electric cars and Car tire valve with a valve core.
This section does not apply to aviation tire valve core.

GB 5296.1-2012 Instructions for use of products of consumerinterest Part 1:General principles


English?Name: Instructions?for?use?of?products?of?consumerinterest?Part?1:General?principles

Standard introduction:

This part of GB5296 set?the use of consumer goods(hereinafter referred to as the?instructions for use?of theprinciple and method of compilation).?This part applies to:

–?consumer goods?producers,?designers,?technical?document drafting?or?such?that?other?compilers;

–?formulating?consumer standards?technical committee?or organization.

Related to the specific?requirements?for use?of product standard?principles and methods of this?section?with a specifictime.

This part includes the?evaluation method?on consumer use?of(see Appendix A),?as the?inspection?instructions?content integrity?and evaluation?use?reference method and?basis for the preparation of?quality.

Appendix A?is mainly used by?researchers,?engaged in theassessment work of the?experts?and consumer?evaluationmechanism.?It will also contribute to?this part of the?object using?the 1.1?mentioned?and managers.

GB/T 3286.4-2012 Methods for chemical analysis of limestone anddolomite Part 4: The determination of iron oxide content Theo-phenanthroline spectrophotometric method and the flameatomic absorption spectrometric method


English?Name: Methods?for?chemical?analysis?of?limestone?anddolomite?Part?4:?The?determination?of?iron?oxide?content?Theo-phenanthroline?spectrophotometric?method?and?the?flameatomic?absorption?spectrometric?method

Standard introduction:

This part of GB/T3286 set?with?two adjacent?Phenanthrolinespectrophotometric determination?of iron oxide?content?by spectrophotometry?and flame atomic absorption spectrometric method.

This part applies to?iron oxide content?in dolomite?(limestone,composed of ferric oxide?meter)?determination of?determination of?iron oxide content,?also applies to the?metallurgical?lime in.Two adjacent?phenanthroline?spectrophotometry,determination range?(mass fraction)?0.02%~4.0%:?iron oxide content;?flame atomic absorption spectrometry,?determination range?(mass fraction)?0.02%~4.0%:?iron oxide content.